Starting my journey

I wanted to start this blog early. Late enough for me to know that I’m going to Denmark in the fall for sure (plane ticket and everything). Early enough for the freakouts to occur, for me to pack and get really excited and scared and be able to post when I learn who my host family is and when I eat my first Danish Danish.

Eleanor in Battery Kemble

This is a picture my wonderful roommate took of me at the beginning of a hike near our dorm. It’s kind of how I feel going abroad. In a good way. And a scary way.

This post will be short because I just spent an hour or so setting this thing up (who knew?) and because I strained my arm last night in my tae kwon do test (the ER doctor confirmed today it’s not broken) and typing hurts a lot. But I’m done with finals. All I have is one creative writing assignment due, then summer, then Copenhagen. Get pumped. It’s going to be one hell of a ride.