A Long and Short Week

So, I just got home from 10 weeks working at a summer camp in Vermont. It’s called Farm & Wilderness, so you can imagine the surroundings (farm-y, wild). Here’s a cute picture from the summer.

Oh look! It’s a picture of me facilitating a rousing game of “Sharks and Minnows” on the waterfront. (I’m in the background on the dock in a red one-piece looking particularly lifeguard-y)

This photo is credited to Indian Brook Camp

Anywho, that was my summer. I have gotten some very important emails this summer, my favorite was one from my host mom, Jytte, introducing herself to me and her family (dad Ole, and daughters Maria and Linea, who are 18 and 16).  I’m soo excited to meet them. The whole family seems artistic, and altogether like me, so I’m glad I spent so much time on my host family letter. They sent me this really cute website which they seem to have made for me and the other DIS student, who they hosted last fall: They don’t live in Copenhagen though, they live in Fredensborg.


I live on Slotsvaenget, which as you can see, is really close to Fredensborg Slot, aka the royal palace, aka, I’m the luckiest ever. This photo is from the Danhostel website

The cool things about Fredensborg: It is the home of the coolest royal family in the world in the spring and fall (aka– now!) and is close to a beautiful lake, national park, and isn’t too far from the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, a place I have wanted to go for years. It’s one of the world’s most famous modern art museums.

The uncool things about Fredensborg: It means I have a 45 minute commute twice per day. ew.

More on the host family all semester as I learn about them and we have adventures.

Right now, as I get ready to go (ON SATURDAY! SO SOON!) I’m trying to get my stuff together. First I’m unpacking from camp (10 weeks of my life, taken out of my luggage) and then I have to begin packing for a very different climate (20 weeks of my life, put into luggage). And get my finances together (stressful, but not really stuff I can go into detail about here) and have to buy  my return ticket back to the states and saying goodbye to my family and friends. It’s going to be a very long and very short week.


3 thoughts on “A Long and Short Week

  1. While I is sitting in the US missing you, I am also supa excited for you and partially jealous.
    Can’t wait for more updates!! We need to start emailing soon byyy the way. Looks like I’ll be moving to Cali sooner rather than later so I won’t be in the oh-so-exciting Grafton the next time you’re there. :): I may or may not have a place for you to stay in case, you know, you ever wanted to visit…BUT THAT’S BESIDES THE POINT. I need you to send me tons and tons of pictures so I can live vicariously through you for the rest of the year since I’ve never been to Europe.


  2. That website is ADORABLE and so nice of them to have made for you (wow, that sounds like bad English. Since arriving in Spain, I feel like I can’t speak any language.). The dog is SO CUTE. What a good house to be a dog in, he/she has his own webpage. So cute.

    You are the world traveler. I think it’s so awesome that you’re a camp counselor. I regret never doing that. Oh well, I’ll make my kids do it and (like Gabby) live vicariously through someone else. It’s a lot easier to be lazy if you live through someone else.

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