Wow. Since I last posted, I’ve had so much orientation, walked endlessly on cobblestone streets, and this morning I rode my bike (!!) wearing all black, trying to mimic the effortlessness of Danish style. Needless to say, it did not work. I forgot how to do hand turn-signals, and I haven’t ridden a bike in years, so I got very tired. It also made me scared about riding in Copenhagen, where the cyclists are SO intense. Think Boston drivers, but competent, and on bicycles. But the wind did feel good in my hair and I got to the train faster.

Basically, me.

Photo from

A lot has happened since the last time. On Tuesday, I did this orientation to Copenhagen called “The Amazing Race” with a group of 6 other DIS students, two of whom I had run into before the race and we’d hung out at the gorgeous, huge, Københavns Biblioteker (Main Library Branch). No pictures of that, unfortunately, but photos abounded as we embraced our touristy American sides, hidden not very deep within, and we met up with three more people for the Amazing Race. There were no clues, just buildings that we needed to visit in a certain order, and when we got there, a DIS professor was waiting for us, and told us a bit about the history of the area before moving on. My group was tres nerdy and excited about the whole race and we scoffed at the groups who didn’t understand the professors’ jokes about Christian IV.

group pic

It’s Patrick, Liz, Heather, Sarah, Anola, and me by one of the horse statues next to Christiansborg Slot, the parliament building.

My favorite parts were:

This spire, made out of the tails of four dragons, which was built to represent the unity between Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland (i.e. Scandinavia).


You can kind of see the spire

Amalienborg Slot (Slot means palace. So does -borg. YAY REDUNDANCY) where the queen lives for now, with her sons, Crown Prince Frederik and Prince Joaquim. Soon she’ll move to Fredensborg Slot for the fall (she’s ma neighbor. NBD). They don’t live with theirmom, though, they have separate houses next door. The whole royal family is so cool and you should definitely read this Wikipedia article about them. Amalienborg slot

A pciture of the square at Amalienborg slot. The queen doesn’t live in that green dome place, but it is pretty. you can see the residences on either side of the picture. The queen was not in when we went, but the princes were.

The Round Tower, which is an old observatory connected to a church, connected to what used to be a university library. Yes, science and the church coming together. A beautiful view of the city too, from the open part at the top.

round tower

The round tower has no stairs, a ramp instead for hauling up observatory stuff back in the day.




A view over Copenhagen


And of course, food! We were hooked up with a free coffee (or in my case, Chai Latte) and a wonderful snack at points during the “race.” This is a snack called a flødebolle, and it’s a little waffle-y cookie with a marshmallow-y thing (BUT ITS NOT A MARSHMALLOW. DO NOT MISTAKE IT FOR A MARSHMALLOW OR EVERYONE WILL TELL YOU IT’S NOT.) covered in chocolate, and sometimes sprinkled with coconut. It’s apparently a distinct Danish dessert. I’ve had it three times in three days, and I’m not complaining. And of course, a tiny Danish flag which was on the sidewalk. Or it could be Pacman eating a ghost.



Fun fact about the Danish flag, if it has a split in the side, it means the building next to it or attached to it is an official state building and you have to have a permit to fly such a flag.

See? A split flag at the state department equivalent.

See? A split flag at the state department equivalent.

Also, today, I had my first day of classes. By tomorrow, I will have had all of my classes, so I’ll give you an overview of what those are looking like, hopefully over the weekend.



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