The Mermaid and Louisiana

These are the pictures of my weekend, my first of many in Denmark. On Friday night, me and some friends went out to dinner, and I had cold pickled herring with potatoes, and my first glass of Carlsberg, the famous Danish beer. It was 10x better than American cheap beer. Anywho, we then went to see the famed Little Mermaid statue in the Copenhagen Harbor. The statue was turning 100 and there was a celebration including a performance from the Russian cast of “The Little Mermaid” (yes, Disney songs in Russian!) and a Danish flamenco dancer who danced and drummed the story of the little mermaid. It was amazing, if a bit puzzling. Then, today, we went to the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. It was very modern– a lot of it went right over my head, or was simply not interesting. Overall, it was a good museum, but very big. We mostly saw the Yoko Ono retrospective, the shining gem of it was the “Wish Tree” and I took a lot of pictures of some of the wishes. There were also some powerful poems on the walls of the exhibit, and as I read “Water Talk” I started to cry. I hope you like the pictures as much as I liked the real sturf.

On another note, trying to keep up with all the sweets I eat, I had koldskål, a dish where you put (basically) nilla wafers in a bowl with buttermilk, lemon juice, and vanilla. Then you eat it cold, like cereal. It’s weird, kind of good.


There’s herring (with the tomatoes and lettuce), potatoes, onions, capers, sour cream, and butter. A glass of Carlsberg and my friends’ beef dish in the background.


Mediocre pic of a phenomenal dancer and dress.


Cast of the Russian version of The Little Mermaid


Fun fact: that barge (with the red firework on it) caught on fire later in the evening. No one was hurt– it was put out quickly, so it was really funny.

IMG_2181 IMG_2182





This is the poem that made me cry







I did not make this, I promise you.



One of my favorites






My other favorite




My host sisters (Maria at left, Linea bending down to read more)



On another tree…


One thought on “The Mermaid and Louisiana

  1. Eleanor, It seems odd that you are sleeping at the moment that I write this. I am really enjoying your blog. It feels like we are sitting around the table talking about what you did. I am curious to know if your host family had been to the Louisiana Museum before. It is very sweet of you to “Wish that your mother will be happier after today. Today I feel very happy. I hope that we can skype tomorrow!! Cant wait to see you!! Love from your proud Mom

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